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What is Total Senior Care?

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What is Total Senior Care?



Total Senior Care is a comprehensive managed long-term care plan for adults, 55 years old or older, who wish to live at home but need assistance in order to maintain health, complete day-to-day activities and remain safe at home for as long as possible.  We encourage members to take an active part in their own health care and we offer a wide range of services. 

The program is designed to provide each member with the very best possible care. We encourage members to take an active part in their own health care and we offer a wide range of services to help you. Many of our services are provided in our program at the Total Senior Care Center, located in Olean.

If you choose to join Total Senior Care, our Care team will work closely with you and your family. The team includes physicians, nurses, social workers, rehabilitation therapists and other caring workers who work together with you to:

-- Understand your medical and long-term care needs.

-- Develop a plan of care including all the medically necessary services.

-- Provide you with medical care that is focused on the special needs of a person 55 years old or older and closely monitor your health needs.

        -- Provide a range of long-term care services to be sure that everyone is working together to provide you with the best care.

-- Ensure that you receive all your health care through Total Senior Care.

What are Total Senior Care's advantages?



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